Why Choose Candid Camera?

The Candid Camera are one of a few wedding photographers that are looking beyond the norm and  giving their customers something more, something special, something befitting of their day. It is so common for wedding photographers to provide the standard images, taken the standard way, with no artistic content. Why not?, it is easy, cheap to do, less time, continuous profiting from your memories and, of course, people pay.

We are not of that view. We want more for you and in turn, more from us.

We want memories, emotion, moments and your story to prevail. We want them to be beautiful, artistic and unique. We take photographs, not a set of pre-determined images that suit us, and not ‘Production-line images’ of the moments in someones life they will never forget and further generations will want to remember.

Here is a video by Jamie Windsor, a photographer who shares our love for wedding photography and the people we photograph. He beautifully sums up why ‘The Candid Camera’ are the people who would, not have to, but love to shoot you and your wedding.





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