White Wedding Dresses, isn’t it time for a change?….

The white wedding dress was effectively conceived by Queen Victoria, and ever since the tradition has been strong. But, maybe we have missed the point of Queen Victoria’s wedding dress design. Before the white wedding, wedding dresses where different colours, primarily red. Was the message individuality, not conformity.

Maybe it is time for brides to design their own dresses, their way, rather than looking for something different with a criteria that confines rather than releases.

I for one would like to see brides being individual and expressing their special day in a dress that says more about them and their personalities.

Here are a few ideas that can be used to fuse ideas and allow the bride to finally have what she wants, her way.

A wedding is very much a time for tradition, but it is also a time to celebrate the individuals coming together. It would be amazing to see the bride and groom coming together with their personalities, individuality and creativity on show.





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