Pre-wedding shoots, the perfect add-on

Weddings have always been a great source of income for many photographers and many have found great ways to maximise their income whilst providing a better and unique service to their clients.

Candid Camera Photography
Credit: Candid Camera Photography

Pre-wedding shoots are more common now than ever before. They give the bride and groom time with the photographer rather than looking like deer in the headlights on their wedding day. It helps with the interaction and relationship with the photographer who appreciates the more relaxed and loose clients on the big day itself.

A pre-wedding shoot can be as simple as portraits but more commonly they are a combination of fashion portraiture and documentary photography. This leads into the wedding creating a story rather than just a record of these amazing times. It has to be said that the bride to be is generally the more receptive to this type of shoot and enjoys the freedom of unrestrained ideas and preconceptions. The groom to be is usually a little more apprehensive and takes time to loosen up, but either way at the end of the day they re loosened up which means on the big day itself you the photographer will spend more time getting amazing and most importantly natural photographs of the couple which they will appreciate for generations to come.

Credit: Candid Camera Photography

What this means for the photographer is more referrals and more work, which means more word of mouth appointments and that can only be a good thing.

If you can make the bride and groom your friend and let them feel relaxed on an already nervous day then you have done your yourself a great favour that has benefitted everyone.

Credit: Candid Camera Photography


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