About Us


Candid Camera Photography has been photographing weddings for 30 years. We strive to keep up to date with our clients needs and continually develop to provide the most modern fashions and techniques. The company began in the UK by fashion photographer Jhan Siraj (Jhan Siraj Photography), the youngest professional fashion photographer in the UK at the time. He worked for magazines and agencies providing all types of editorial photography. Now, weddings are his passion and 'The Candid Camera' is his main focus.

"Weddings are a capsule of emotion, expectation, pressure, excitement, and love, real love of all possible variations. Nowhere else can so much truth be found in such a short space of time", Jhan Siraj.

We have combined our experience from the fashion industry, wedding industry and editorial to create a unique style that will bring your wedding to life no matter when it is viewed.

We have always based our business on providing the very best service and product, and going the extra mile when others are determined to save a buck. We now have a service that is not only cost effective and complete, but provides our clients with the finest creativity and quality.

We have always looked at new ways to record your special day. We now have the finest in documentary photography combined with a little tradition to keep all the family smiling for years to come.

We feel our documentary style captures the emotion and atmosphere of your special time and will give an intimate experience for all generations to enjoy.

We have photographed weddings, events and occasions all over the world, from the north of England to London, Spain to Eastern Europe, Miami to New York and Asia to Africa. Candid camera Photography is now based in Andalusia, Spain, but we except clients from all over the world, from all religions, beliefs and cultures.

We have always taken our clients privacy very seriously and never publish any images without their consent. We understand that this is a private time and we would never do anything to alter this. Your memories come first.

We also incorporate a rule to never withhold images from our clients, and because of this we provide all our clients the rights to re-print and use their images however they wish. We build our business on new clients, not by holding our current clients to ransom. Of course, we are always here to help however we can.

Thank you from the Candid Camera team.....