Looking for a romantic Getaway, See Monda Castle….

Monda Castle is a beautifully restored hotel, restaurant and romance Mecca. It sits above the village of Monda and has views as far as the eye can see. The food is excellent and the romantic atmosphere is the perfect place for a weekend retreat, occasion, event or wedding reception. MONDA – CASTLE Castillo de Monda […]

The Candid Camera Budget-Buster package!!!!

We are often encountering couples who have to hire amateurs, students and even backstreet camera owners who take advantage of the couples predicament to photograph the most important day in their lives. Weddings are expensive, and for some, budgets are very tight.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to have their amazing day photographed […]

How to make a wedding cake….Yummy Bedazzlement…..

Areesa shows us how to make a wedding cake look amazing…..     Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!!
Pre-Wedding Bride Shoot

Pre-Wedding Bride Shoot

Sometimes we get brides who just want a personal shoot before they get married. Portraits taken just before marriage carry an important significance for the couple as it is a record of their last weeks of before becoming one with each other. It is all part of the story….
How to Propose to Your Future Bride or Groom?.

How to Propose to Your Future Bride or Groom?.

The proposal is the most nervous time for a guy or gal. Keep them under control by making it her moment or just picking the right time. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be Paris, it just has to be Special…..    
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