>> Hair is in the air this week <<

All brides need great hair accessories, here are the top 6.  
A Black & White or Colour wedding

A Black & White or Colour wedding

We prioritise capturing those specific moments where emotion and expression pops out from the soul and momentarily shines on the world. These moments are of joy due to your special day and love. We are there to capture these moments as they happen, simply because they cannot be posed or recreated. Here we look at […]

>> Wedding dress done, now for the complimenting jewellery <<

Some great advice on what jewellery to wear with what dress. It is tempting to go overboard, so checkout what Jennifer Chiu has to say….  

>> Buying an Engagement Ring <<

A brilliant guide by ‘Gentleman’s Gazette’.  

>> Saw it, watched it, repeated, and still none the wiser….Wedding Cakes <<

Artists come in many forms and getting a vision into the real world is a really cool thing to watch. Here we see wedding cakes being born….     Our opinion, leave it to the experts unless you want a potato themed wedding cake :).
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