Black & White or Colour


Black and White or Colour ?



It is common to believe that a black and white image is a colour image that has been converted. This could not be further from the reality. Black and white photography is a specific medium and requires the image to be shot as a black and white image. The requirements for black and white are far more complicated and requires a very specific criteria and technique, not to mention a creative eye.

Black and white has been a photographic choice since the first cameras and has continued to grow. It provides an intimate and deeper image that lasts the test of time. Sometimes referred to as 'Art Photography', it does provide an artistic view of the subject. We take black and white very seriously and have been mastering the technique since the beginning.

"Colour images record a moment, whilst Black and white images record a story".

Bride in Thought

Colour has a great way of catching your attention. A bright colour or myriad of colours can create a sparkle and make you smile. It provides a clear and detailed view of that moment and entices you to share in it. We shoot colour to capture these moments and provide you with those images that will jog your memory or imprint a memory on the first time viewer.

"Colour images are an answer to that moment, whilst black and white asks you a question of that moment".

Honeymoon Awaits

We incorporate both techniques and shoot a moment the way we feel it is best represented. We cannot judge how many of which will be included as we cannot see the moment until it happens. You will receive photographs in both techniques and we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed photographing them.